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Spiritual Sustainability is a Philosophy to help people live an earth-centric Lifestyle.

When we are stressed Planet Earth gets no attention, we are too wrapped up in being busy or rushed.

An earth centric Lifestyle gives people the tools to manage and remove stress and limiting beliefs in-turn reconnecting with our Purpose and the Planet thus raising it in our consciousness.

It’s TIME to take our power back and live how we consciously CHOOSE!

Living life from the Spiritual Sustainability paradigm takes you from rushed, stressed consumption to fierce, feminine Earth Queen – standing sovereign in our body, intuition and home – creating a life we don’t need to take a holiday from.

Feel connected to yourself, your loved ones and the planet. Feel FREE and powerful!

Reconnect with your feminine essence, sensuality and partner while teaching your kids how to actively love the Earth (like they are craving!)

Spend your time and money on the things that matter most.

I’m a Certified Environmental Practitioner (EIANZ) with 20 years active experience, Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia) and Certified Intuitive Guide (The Intuitive Intelligence MethodR)



Does at home sustainability Take more TIME?

Does at home sustainability Take more TIME?

I'm busting that myth, because time is a matter of individual perception. We have limited time here on this planet. Decide how you want to live it. Bring your awareness to when you say things in your head, "I feel rushed. I don't have enough time," and instead of applying a negative feeling to that, step back, become aware, and then start to change your cycle, because it's a cycle, and it'll just keep going over and over and over again.

Making Mundane Magical

Making Mundane Magical

allow your awareness to rest on the task you would like to make more conscious, set an intention prior to doing the task, act, do the task, and then notice how you feel, celebrate any wins, and perhaps if there wasn't a significant change, celebrate that you brought your awareness and your intention to the task because that is still making it conscious!