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Spiritual Sustainability is a Philosophy to help people live an earth-centric Lifestyle.

When we are stressed Planet Earth gets no attention, we are too wrapped up in being busy or rushed.

Spiritual Sustainability gives people the tools to manage and remove stress and limiting beliefs in-turn reconnecting with our intuition and the Planet thus raising it in our consciousness. So change is easy and daily decisions are made with Planet Earth in mind.

What is a life lead via Spiritual Sustainability?

One where you are aware of your body, mind and soul, stress less and hold Planet Earth in your conscious daily decisions. So life is JOYFUL and ABUNDANT while also being SUSTAINABLE.

Spiritual Sustainability is a one-on-one deep dive program whereby you get more connected to yourself as well as Planet Earth so you can start to make conscious decisions in daily life while being sustainable and fulfilling your wants and needs.

I’m a Certified Environmental Practitioner (EIANZ) with 20 years active experience, Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia) and Certified Intuitive Guide (The Intuitive Intelligence Method TM)


Making Mundane Magical

Making Mundane Magical

allow your awareness to rest on the task you would like to make more conscious, set an intention prior to doing the task, act, do the task, and then notice how you feel, celebrate any wins, and perhaps if there wasn't a significant change, celebrate that you brought your awareness and your intention to the task because that is still making it conscious!

How is Earth Sacred?

How is Earth Sacred?

I'd like you to take your mind back to when you're planning a holiday and the types of places you want to go to on holidays. I'm just taking a little guess here, most of the time when you want to go on holidays, you want to go somewhere that is beautiful for its natural element. Be it the water, the beach, it could be forests and bush, mountains, we are going to places that inspire a sense of awe and what my husband called this morning, "wonderment." He even referred to some of the things that he's seeing online can actually activate that sense of awe and wonderment. I like to call it sacred earth.