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Spiritual Sustainability is a Philosophy to help people live an earth-centric Lifestyle.

When we are stressed Planet Earth gets no attention, we are too wrapped up in being busy or rushed.

Spiritual Sustainability gives people the tools to manage and remove stress and limiting beliefs in-turn reconnecting with our intuition and the Planet thus raising it in our consciousness. So change is easy and daily decisions are made with Planet Earth in mind.

What is a life lead via Spiritual Sustainability?

One where you are aware of your body, mind and soul, stress less and hold Planet Earth in your conscious daily decisions. So life is JOYFUL and ABUNDANT while also being SUSTAINABLE.

Spiritual Sustainability is a one-on-one deep dive program whereby you get more connected to yourself as well as Planet Earth so you can start to make conscious decisions in daily life while being sustainable and fulfilling your wants and needs.

I’m a Certified Environmental Practitioner (EIANZ) with 20 years active experience, Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia) and Certified Intuitive Guide (The Intuitive Intelligence Method TM)


I had an amazing experience with Kellie’s intuitive healing session. She was able to connect very deeply to my energy and it was really helpful to understand my archetypal influences. We worked on clearing some limiting beliefs and I felt a lot more peace after the session. The micro method is a great tool that can be used anytime. Thanks so much xoxo


Kellie’s personalised yoga classes have really helped me to reconnect with my own practice and helped me through a busy stressful time. She also helped sort out some muscle pain I was having from working at a desk all day.


Me: mum, worker, busy and I really struggle to find time to do any proper exercise. Kellie’s little routine was really clear, explained beautiful and just slipped into my everyday life without having to reshuffle anything. I’m now breathing better, feeling calmer and getting a little stronger every day.

Online, Brisbane

I received such a transformational healing session from Kellie! She brought such beautiful energy and really helped me with her intuitive gifts. Thankyou Kellie x