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You’re OVER the rat race of ‘BUSY’.
You know there is SOMETHING bigger than this constant struggle.
You want to feel freedom, vitality and JOY…not just momentarily BUT ALL THE TIME.

You’re ready to change.
Ready to start practicing Self-Love.

Join me Weekly via online LIVE small group classes comprising guided Mediation and Embodied Movement practices with the breath. Consistency is key. For you to be able to reconnect with your true self and love yourself you need to practice, regularly. Our minds practice negative self talk EVERY DAMN DAY so to disable our minds and come back to US we need to practice CONSISTENTLY.

Move with Softness By Kellie Elizabeth aims to mentor clients on their journey to embracing and magnifying their CONFIDENCE, connecting them to their HEART-mind via unification of mind, body, breath and the intuitive sciences allowing them to confidently embody change.

Practices are grounded in Yoga Philosophy and the Intuitive Sciences.

5-Days of Mind Body Unification via Movement with the Breath (FREE)

You LOVE yoga….you want to do it EVERYDAY…BUT find it hard to get the habit established…well the 5-day mind body unification may help get you on track and show you doing Yoga everyday really is a JOY not a chore!

I have produced a unique video for you to practice to over five days or do them altogether, @home or wherever you can!

So if you’re ready to feel the benefits movement with the breath can bring the body AND mind please click the link below!


I have just watched and practiced along side all of your videos this morning. And I LOVE everything about them. You have such in-depth knowledge and a beautiful way of explaining things. I understood ujjayi breath this well for the first time. Thank you for the personalized video, I love my new practice!

Online, Melbourne

Kellie’s personalised yoga classes have really helped me to reconnect with my own practice and helped me through a busy stressful time. She also helped sort out some muscle pain I was having from working at a desk all day.


Me: mum, worker, busy and I really struggle to find time to do any proper exercise. Kellie’s little routine was really clear, explained beautiful and just slipped into my everyday life without having to reshuffle anything. I’m now breathing better, feeling calmer and getting a little stronger every day.

Online, Brisbane

Loved the hip opener class, with a lovely flow. Kellie provided great time in rest and relaxation poses which I personally loved! She gave me enough information and cues but I was still able to find stillness and quiet.


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