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Breath Awareness

Are you over movement classes which aren’t specific for you, where you get distracted and compare yourself to others?

Would you like your own practice to do when convenient for you?

The answer may be a personalised movement practice unifying the breath and body to connect to your HEART-mind?

A great yogi has said “Practice and all is coming”, once you have this practice integrated in your life you will have an armoury of tools to help you do your days and remain calm, focused, have an awesome relationship with your mind and body and, well, of course, BE HAPPY! Extra benefits – breathing better and stronger and more flexible spine!

Move with Softness aims to help you embrace and embody your unique spirit via movement, with the breath, unifying the body and the HEART-mind.

Move with Softness practices are based in Yoga, Bellydance and Intuition.

5-Days of Mind Body Unification via Movement with the Breath (FREE)

You LOVE yoga….you want to do it EVERYDAY…BUT find it hard to get the habit established…well the 5-day mind body unification may help get you on track and show you doing Yoga everyday really is a JOY not a chore!

Starting from Monday 14 August 2017, over five days you will receive a short video and PDF practice plan (with cute stick figures!), via email, with a practice to do that day, @home or wherever you can!

So if you’re ready to feel the benefits movement with the breath can bring the body AND mind please sign up below!


I have just watched and practiced along side all of your videos this morning. And I LOVE everything about them. You have such in-depth knowledge and a beautiful way of explaining things. I understood ujjayi breath this well for the first time. Thank you for the personalized video, I love my new practice!

Online, Melbourne

Kellie’s personalised yoga classes have really helped me to reconnect with my own practice and helped me through a busy stressful time. She also helped sort out some muscle pain I was having from working at a desk all day.


Me: mum, worker, busy and I really struggle to find time to do any proper exercise. Kellie’s little routine was really clear, explained beautiful and just slipped into my everyday life without having to reshuffle anything. I’m now breathing better, feeling calmer and getting a little stronger every day.

Online, Brisbane

Loved the hip opener class, with a lovely flow. Kellie provided great time in rest and relaxation poses which I personally loved! She gave me enough information and cues but I was still able to find stillness and quiet.


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